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Written words with a personalised artistic touch The Art Of Writing in Billericay Essex. Bespoke handwritten invitations.

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About me

I started writing calligraphy from a very early age at school in South America. Never thought that I would become so passionate about this art! In this day of internet and phone text/messaging are a way of life surely people will be more appreciative of a hand written letter, poem, invitation, etc. Words and names have a different meaning when written in calligraphy! I look forward to help you with your projects whatever they may be.

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Handwritten services

  • Wedding invitations
  • handwritten poems
  • Handwritten Place Cards
  • Certificates
  • Handwritten Seating Plans
  • Handwritten Letters

We offer many more services, if you have not found what you are looking for,  please contact for quote.

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Calligraphy portfolio

Examples of my work.

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